eLEAF is a Netherlands based high-tech company that works on projects that matter. We are pioneers in operational satellite based solutions, and with our continuously developing algorithms, we make sure we keep offering cutting-edge and relevant products. Our data and applications support clients worldwide to use water sustainably, increase food production and protect environmental systems. We collaborate with partners that are at the forefront of innovation in food security and water productivity. This enables us to deal with challenges and problems the moment they arise and develop a structural solution for it.

eLEAF is active worldwide and has experience with delivering data for more than 50 countries. Our clients range from public authorities that need a solution for complex resource management issues to commercial clients that require reliable operational monitoring products for the optimisationĀ of their production processes.

Our approach is flexible. We listen to what our clients need and work closely with them to develop tailor-made solutions. Visit us in Wageningen or contact us by email or phone to see how our products can support your goals.