MeteoTool was developed by Maurits Voogt as a physically based regional distribution model for measured meteorological variables.
Meteorological measurements are important model inputs. They are however only sparsely measured, and the location of the stations is often not representative for the metereological variability in the landscape. The measured variables therefore need to be spatially distributed.
Standard geo-statistical distribution methods do not consider the variability in the earth's surface, such as terrain elevation, land use, surface wetness slope. Other important variables, such as aspect to the sun, orientation of mountains with respect to the main wind direction, distance to sea, sea temperature, cloudiness, and governing high and low pressure areas are also not taken into account in standard distribution methods. Inclusion of these physical processes and relationships can improve the distribution method significantly and will lead to more realistic patterns.


MeteoLook is a physically based distribution model for measured air temperature, wind velocity and humidity at screen height. MeteoLook combines:
Flux-profile relationships (including the Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory);
manual regression analysis to elevation, radiation, vegetation index and distance to sea; and
a geo-statistical distribution method.

MeteoLook is capable of distributing instantaneous as well as period averaged values of the meteorological variables