Crop Management

Precision agriculture is becoming more and more essential as high market demands and technological opportunities mean that crop growers must keep a very close eye on their work. Continuous improving the growth, development and yield is inevitable in today’s agricultural sector. To a modern farmer, crop management may include such things as reduce costs of cultivation and increase yield. And to an innovative processor or trader information about the expected yields can be very useful so prices and business can be managed better. Besides the characteristics of the crop itself (type, harvest method, sowing method, and so on), information about growth, moisture and minerals is indispensable to practice good crop management. This information isn’t observable with your own eyes but can be obtained by satellites, which is the perfect basis to manage crops. eLEAF's PiMapping® technology puts the information needed at your fingertips. By providing a broad range of data components (in quantitative numbers) it’s possible to gain information about growth, moisture, minerals and yield of almost any cropped surfaces at the Earth. With accurate data, eLEAF enables farmers from all over the world to optimize their crop management.