Irrigation Management

By irrigation management it is possible to supply the right amount of water at the right time. Optimizing this sort of management is getting more essential since agriculture is far the largest user of water and consumes about 70 % of fresh water withdrawn worldwide and the competition for water resources increases. The irrigated area worldwide doubled and crop yield of irrigated agriculture is over two times higher than rainfed agriculture. Irrigation will play an important role in the world’s food supply, as the world population is increasing. So the agricultural sector knows a constantly evolution. Irrigation management needs to adapt to new, more stringent requirements and must become more reliable and flexible.  Improving irrigation processes requires a technologically and commercially scalable solution to precisely quantify water supply, water requirements, and biomass production. eLEAF's PiMapping technology delivers daily updates of actual evapotranspiration, actual biomass production, as well as crop water requirements to help irrigation managers improve their processes. Develop applications that deliver more value - with every drop. Speak with our water management experts about how we can help you grow your business.