eLEAF was approached by the FAO to provide a training course on remote sensing based  crop classification for the Ministry of Agriculture in Tunisia. We partnered with Nieuwland and designed a tailor-made course on field data collection, remote sensing-based crop mapping methods as well as validation of the crop maps produced. Our remote sensing expert Pauline Jacquot is presenting eLEAF in Tunisia from April 17-20, and is leading the training sessions focussed on the interpretation of remote sensing data.

The training course is organized by FAO as part of the project ‘Productivity and Sustainability of Water in the Near East North Africa Region’ which is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The training applies open source software and tools and is based on satellite data that is freely available. This specific training is fine-tuned for Tunisia but is transferable to the seven countries involved in the SIDA Project, i.e. Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iran. For more information please see the FAO press release here.