British Sugar Beet Review published an article detailing how eLEAF’s PiMapping® data is helping Illovo Sugar on the Nchalo sugar estate in southern Malawi to optimize daily farming practices. In the article Brent Griffiths is interviewed, who is the manager of the Cane Centre of Excellence of Illovo Sugar Africa. He describes how the combination of PiMapping® data with SQR’s Remote Cane Management system helps the on-site team to i) flag production issues in the fields; and ii) identify and implement mitigation measures that lead to cost and/or yield benefits.

The technology was used to train Field Improvement Teams (FIT) in identifying the root causes of problems highlighted in the imagery. Visual tools were used to track actions and monitor their progress. The successful adoption of the technology has empowered the agricultural employees to participate in providing solutions to problems within their own fields. The quantitative information produced based on PiMapping® data is also used to deliver monthly reports which assist Section Managers and Senior Agronomists to identify and monitor poor performing fields that deviate from a predetermined attainable yield level.

The article was published on the British Sugar Beet Review volume 86, no. 2, 2018. The article can be accessed by registering on the publishers’ website