A new collaboration between eLEAF and C.I. AGROAP SAS within CostCutting4Sugarcane. AgroAP will be a local sales partner and managing local stakeholders.

We are thrilled to announce the start of the demonstration phase and development of business activities in Colombia, through AgroAP, for the Cost Cutting4Sugarcane project. This project aims at optimising mill revenue by providing accurate and reliable in-season satellite-based yield forecast and seasonal fertiliser advice.

During the demonstration phase between 01 May 2021 and 31 May 2022, AgroAP will provide on-site and hands-on training sessions to stakeholders and keep local presence as sales channel for the service demonstration and commercial roll-out.

“The participation of AgroAP in this project as sales channel is pivotal for ground truthing eLEAF’s satellite based services and engaging with stakeholders in the adoption of our services for the sugarcane industry.” Ernesto Bastidas Obando , CostCutting4Sugarcane Business Developer and Project Manager.

“We are glad to support eLEAF with their value realization in Colombia. We believe that their experience in the production of data for sugarcane combined with our knowledge of the crop is a good basis to position the services of CostCutting4Sugarcane as management option. Carlos Mosquera. IA Esp GIS MBA Agricultura de Precisión, AgroAP CEO.

AgroAP is a Colombian private company who offers specialised agricultural technical services for the implementation of precision agriculture technology, agronomy, and farm management. AgroAP’s focus is on the interpretation and combination of different data sources to produce actionable information about agronomic interventions.

The figure below presents an aerial picture of a sugarcane farm in one moment in time contrasted with weekly information on dry biomass production during the growing season as available through Fieldlook (the platform where spatial information and crop metrics are friendly and flexible visualized).