The end of June 2020 eLEAF successfully concluded the first phase of CostCutting4Sugarcane, after which ESA – who funds the project – authorized the start of the 2nd phase. As of the first week of July we have started phase 2, in close cooperation with three sugarcane mills in Colombia (Riopaila Castilla S.A,  Manuelita S.A, and Providencia S.A) and with our local sales partner.

CostCutting4Sugarcane provides i) Insight in the amount of nutrients that has been removed from the soil during harvest, and advice on the appropriate amount of fertilizer to be replenished at the start of the next season, and ii) In-season field specific yield estimates as early as 4 months into the 12-14 month long growing cycle, allowing field managers to implement mitigation measurements on fields with low yield expectations. The 2nd phase of CostCutting4 Sugarcane is planned to continue until May 2022.

Download our CostCutting4Sugarcane leaflet for more information, or contact project manager Ernesto Bastidas-Obando at