The inception workshop for the CTA sponsored feasibility study “Feasibility of satellite based irrigation advisory services for smallholder farmers in Ghana” has been successfully concluded in Accra, Ghana. The study aims to establish the technical and business feasibility of satellite enabled mobile service delivery to smallholder farmers in Ghana.

eLEAF’s Remco Dost and Annemarie Klaasse were present at the 2 day event (17 – 18 July 2017) which consisted of a workshop and a field visit. The event was a great opportunity for the consortium partners to further refine the design of the activity, discuss the implementation strategies with other stakeholders, and agree on roles and responsibilities for the next steps. During the field day the Kpong Irrigation Scheme was visited, where stakeholder Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA) provided excellent information on the works and needs of the scheme: in the field discussions with farmers concerning the usefulness of the services studied where promising and a drone was used to capture some incredible footage!

The workshop that followed the next day explored the technical and business feasibility of satellite data-based irrigation advisory services for Ghanaian farmers, and was well visited by stakeholders and press. During the workshop synergies where explored to mobilize potential business partners for an upcoming larger G4AW Facility proposal that intends to scale up the model towards irrigated and rain-fed fields across the country.

The feasibility study is financed and coordinated by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in the Netherlands and is executed by eLEAF (The Netherlands) and Farmerline (Ghana) with stakeholders Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (Ghana), the Ministry of food and agriculture (Ghana) and Sarvision (Netherlands).

For more information look at a press release here at the website of ‘Business and Financial Times online’.