Illovo Sugar

  • NamePiMapping® data for monitoring sugarcane on Nchalo Estate
  • ClientIllovo Sugar
  • Consortium PartnersSQR, eEvolution
  • LocationMalawi
  • Timeframe2014 - Ongoing

eLEAF is providing PiMapping® data on crop growth and water use to Illovo Sugar, British Sugar’s subsidiary in Africa. For Nchalo, a 17,000ha estate in Malawi, satellite based data is delivered on a biweekly basis at a resolution of 10m. The data is delivered via the Remote Cane Management (RCM) website by SQR, which is already used by Illovo for sugarcane management.

Illovo is using PiMapping® data to:

  1. Improve agricultural production and agronomy support – PiMapping® data is used to capture spatial trends and patterns of agronomic interventions to measure the success and yield impacts during the growing season and possibly during the next ratoon
  2. Yield estimation – during the growing season biomass production and LAI are used to estimate the amount of biomass that is accumulated in the stalks to calculate yield
  3. Support irrigation management – the effectiveness of emergence irrigation and irrigation practices have been assessed in the short, medium and long term depending on crop development for the range of irrigation systems

The PiMapping® products delivered are actual and potential biomass production all in kg/ha biweekly: actual evapotranspiration (mm biweekly), biomass water productivity (kg/mbiweekly), nitrogen top leaf (kg/ha) and LAI (m2/m2).

Besides providing PiMapping® via RCM, eLEAF provides support sessions on data interpretation, crop development assessment and implementation of decisions concerning agronomic interventions. This is done in Malawi as well as via distance learning.