• NameSAT-DATA 2.0
  • ClientSAT-WATER Consortium
  • PartnersNone
  • LocationNetherlands
  • Timeframe2016 – Ongoing

The Dutch water boards are challenged with sustainable and effective water management while simultaneously having to balance agricultural, environmental, industrial and domestic water demands. Having access to accurate and reliable information on water use is key to be able to perform their tasks. The waterboards increasingly see the value of remote sensing to provide such information. Since satellite based data can be provided real-time and for large areas at once, it is increasingly used as information to base (regional) water management decisions on.

In 2011, a consortium of 13 Dutch water boards formed under the name of SAT-WATER. Collectively these water boards purchase satellite based evapotranspiration data. The water boards use this data to support operational and strategic water management on a daily basis. eLEAF is the supplier of this satellite based information to the SAT-WATER consortium. On a daily basis we deliver actual evapotranspiration and evapotranspiration deficit, both at a resolution of 250m for the whole of the Netherlands.

Over view of satellite based Evapotranspiration deficit in the Netherlands in May 2011 (left), May 2012 (middle) and August 2012 (right).