A field visit in Australia by our colleagues Joost Brombacher and Steven Wonink

They discussed in person how remote sensing data can contribute to improving water use efficiency, nature conservation, and agronomy decision support.

Joost Brombacher: “Last two weeks we had the privilege to travel to Australia for the¬†WaterSENSE¬†project. During our trip, we met many local private and governmental organizations that focus on compliance, on-farm management, and environmental decision-making related to water resources. A diverse range of potential end-users of our products, similar to the diverse landscape of the country itself.

With my focus on using remote sensing data for generating water use estimates and irrigated land use maps, I highly appreciated the field visits to first-hand experience the local irrigation practices. Together with the interesting discussions on water use compliance and environmental flow management, I feel that the trip covered all the important aspects related to water resource management in Australia. Many thanks to the local partners for making this experience possible!”