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eLEAF consists of a versatile group of individuals of (currently) 10 different nationalities, with MSc or PhD degrees in the various relevant disciplines of our work. Our team includes data-analysts, agronomists, remote sensing experts, hydrologists, IT-specialists, water management experts, insurance specialists and researchers, all with a love for satellite data and for employing these data sets to increase food production, support sustainable water management and protect environmental systems worldwide.

Boudewijn van Silfhout
Boudewijn van Silfhout CEO

Before joining eLEAF in 2020, Boudewijn was the country leader of the IBM Consulting Netherlands. This experience has helped him to grow eLEAF with 50% in the last two years and find new investors who are instrumental in scaling eLEAF’s unique technology. Boudewijn is driven by creating sustainable customer value at scale. He holds a MSc degree from the Technical University of Eindhoven and an Oxford Business Innovation degree. Boudewijn has roots in the Netherlands, Indonesia and the Caribbean.

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Kingkan Chamnan
Kingkan Chamnan DATA ANALYST

Kingkan joined eLEAF’s Operations team in 2023 as a GIS/Remote Sensing Data Analyst. She holds a master’s degree in Natural Resources Management from ITC faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation and has previous experience working as a geodata analyst for disaster risk assessment in NGOs. At eLEAF, she is responsible for spatial data analysis.

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Sotirios Soulantikas
Sotirios Soulantikas GEODATA ARCHITECT

Sotirios joined eLEAF in 2022 as a member of the Operations team, supporting the processing pipelines and contributing to the foundation for designing, optimizing, automating, and scaling up Geo-IT processes. Sotirios has worked in evapotranspiration, irrigation, and carbon sequestration modeling, architecting software solutions for the processing of geodata with farmers as the end user. He holds a MSc degree in Geoinformatics from the University of Copenhagen and a MSc degree in Agricultural Engineering from the Agricultural University of Athens.

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Jessica Snoek

Jessica joined eLEAF in 2020 as a project manager after receiving her Master’s Degree in International Land & Water Management from Wageningen University, with a specialization in precision agriculture. She aims to develop the link between remote sensing, land use and the soil physical aspect of agriculture.

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Andrea Idrovo

Andrea is originally from Cuenca, Ecuador and have a background in project management in NGO’s with more than 10 years of experience in environmental projects, with a wide range of topics and international donors.
Andrea is part of the Agricultural insurance team coordinating all our projects with our partners and clients.

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Abdur Rahim Safi
Abdur Rahim Safi RESEARCHER

Safi joined eLEAF in 2021 and is involved in finding impactful solutions to real-world issues by using remote sensing data. He has MSc in Water Science and Engineering with distinction from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. Before joining eLEAF, Abdur Rahim has worked in irrigation rehabilitation and development with international NGOs and the World Bank funded projects. He has dedicated experience in improving agricultural water productivity through on ground-based and remote sensing methods.

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Alenka Bajc

My name is Alenka Bajc, with some roots in Slovenia. A cat person.
And I am in love with numbers, because numbers can’t lie.
But to keep my right and left side of the brain a little bit in balance, I also love to dance. It keeps me flexible and creative.

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Jelle Degen

Jelle joined eLEAF in 2021 as part of the Markets team. In the team he focus on developing and implementing irrigations management solutions at different scales.

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Jasper van der Hout

Jasper is part of eLEAF’s ICT team, with focus on maintenance and development of our production environment and webdevelopment

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Patrick van Bergen
Patrick van Bergen DEVELOPER

Patrick joined eLEAF in 2021 as a senior webdeveloper. He studied
Cognitive Science at the University of Nijmegen. He will help develop
web portals for eLEAF.

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Joost van der Woerd

Joost is a remote sensing expert focusing on loss estimations for the insurance industry using remote sensing technology. Over the past years he has worked on projects developing and providing index based insurances for smallholder farmers throughout Africa. He has a background in Geography, GIS and remote sensing.

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Joost Brombacher
Joost Brombacher RESEARCHER

Joost joined eLEAF in 2019 as part of the research team, after completing his internship on validating eLEAF’s soil moisture product. During his master’s at Wageningen University he specialized in combining hydrology with remote sensing. Joost focusses on the continuous improvement of eLEAF’s water auditing, irrigation detection, and soil moisture products.

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Karlis Zalite

Karlis joined eLEAF in 2021 as part of the operations unit. He has a PhD degree in physics with a specialization in synthetic aperture radar remote sensing. He is responsible for sourcing – acquisition and preprocessing data from various remote sensing platforms. He is also involved in the automation of data processing pipelines at eLEAF.


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Mechteld Andriessen

Mechteld joined eLEAF in 2012 and coordinates eLEAF’s acquisition processes. She has broad international experience, working both with government representatives as well as with communities in the field. This helps Mechteld to put eLEAF’s products in a broader perspective, always with the user in mind.

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Antonia Skarli

Antonia joined eLEAF in January 2022 as a geodata analyst in the operations unit. She has a bachelor’s degree in Geomatics and i2021 she finished her master in Geo-information science in Wageningen university. During her masters she learned how to use programming for GIS, Remote sensing applications and Data analysis.

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Thomas van Leth

Tommy joined eLEAF’s operations unit in 2023 as a meteorologist. He holds a PhD degree from Wageningen University where he worked on the development of hydrometeorological measurement techniques and an MSc degree in Climate Physics from Utrecht University. At eLEAF he is responsible for the acquisition, processing and quality control of meteorological datasets.

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Corné van der Sande

Corné joined eLEAF end 2020 and is an experienced remote sensing specialist with for many years a focus on agriculture. He coordinates the operations unit where the products are made and daily delivered in our webservices.

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Henk Pelgrum

Henk works in eLEAF’s R&D department, focusing on developing data processing structures vital for project execution. He has been involved from the start in the coding of the SEBAL and ET-Look algorithms that form the basis of eLEAF’s data products.

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Annemarie Klaasse

Annemarie is an experienced remote sensing specialist and project manager. Since she joined eLEAF in 2005 she has been involved in numerous research projects, consultancy work and the development of operational data delivery services.

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Roeland de Koning
Roeland de Koning GEODATA ENGINEER

Roeland joined eLEAF in 2020 as a data analyst with previous experience in building postprocessing pipelines so as to meet client needs. He will be part of eLEAF’s operations unit and support them in streamlining and developing future products.

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Marc Bakker
Marc Bakker CCO

Before joining eLEAF in 2023, Marc worked in many commercial positions globally within Philips. Most recent he was the co-founder and CCO of a new business within Philips healthcare that supported  hospital processes by turning real-time data into actionable insights.

As CCO of eLEAF, it is important to bridge the various solutions that eLEAF holds towards growing sustainability needs and being able to scale success for our customers. Marc holds his Master degree in Economics from Nyenrode University and joined recently the Sustainable Leadership Program at TIAS Business School.

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Steven Wonink

Steven held different management positions at eLEAF since joining the company in 2015. He currently manages the Operations unit which delivers data and decision support services to our clients.

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Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed RESEARCHER

Mohamed Joined eLEAF in February 2022 as a project manager and as a member of the research team. He has a Ph.D. in Geography where he focused on budgeting carbon sinks and sources through using a combination of field measurements and remote sensing techniques. Mohamed is interested in using a multi-data approach to study the spatial and temporal variability of our land ecosystem in response to climate change.

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