BasinMeter – Unbiased methodology for measuring NPWI water indicators

eLEAF and partner 52impact are overcoming the challenge of obtaining accurate and relevant water-risk related data with ‘BasinMeter’. The project combines scalable Earth observation technology with local datasets to expose the vulnerability of local watersheds and the impact on local related agricultural production and the community WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). The project will enhance both strategic decision making and direct local intervention to mitigate water-stress.

The direct cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA) and CEO Water Mandate shows that a next step in global water resilience is taken by demanding more in-depth local risk monitoring of water stressed basins around the world which both companies as well as local communities are heavily relying on water. To do this, it is no longer valid to depend (only) on historical data but requires a closer monitoring through scalable Earth Observation methodology as delivered by eLEAF and partner 52impact for the Net Positive Water Impact (NPWI) indicators that contribute towards reducing water stress in its three dimensions: availability (quantity), quality, and WASH.

ESA is working with eLEAF through the ESA Business Applications and Space Solutions programme, under the ‘Digitising Water Resilience Monitoring in Basins’ initiative, in partnership with the CEO Water Mandate’s Water Resilience Coalition (WRC). BasinMeter has been announced in the first batch of Feasibility Studies selected under the initiative which will support companies who are developing water resilience monitoring capabilities.

Providing unbiased data and methods:

  • Scalable data and methods for quantity to measure NPWI water indicators in basins globally
  • Quantity, Quality, WASH
  • Long-term and near real-time water risks using satellite data and advanced data technologies.
  • Ranging from basin, sub basin, irrigation scheme to crop field and related commodities
  • Deep-dive into 1 or 2 basins for global feasibility
  • Climate projections for the next 30 years

Providing dashboards:

  • Multiple ways how to effectively communicate relevant water information.
  • Deliver and visualize data for the Water Action Hub from the CEO Water Mandate
  • Identify how corporate users would like to interact with the BasinMeter dashboard and customize accordingly