eLEAF is built on over 20 years of advanced research and we are still developing every day


PiMapping® delivers quantified information on crop growth and water use for every pixel on the earth surface, no indices but real numbers. The core of our output metrics include kilograms of crop produced and litres of water consumed in the process. For every day, week or month. PiMapping® data is scalable and can be delivered per individual field or for an entire continent. The technology combines satellite imagery with meteorological and geographical data to create a range of data components per pixel. Smart pixels, the basis of our products.


SEBAL and ET-Look are the core algorithms eLEAF uses to produce PiMapping® data components. Both solve the energy balance at the earth’s surface. Essentially, they look at how much energy is available from the sun for any given day. Some of this energy is reflected back into space and some of it is consumed by processes at the earth surface, such as soil and air temperature changes. The residual amount is available for crop growth and associated water use. Our algorithms translate this residual energy into absolute numbers. Crop growth in kg/ha and crop water consumption in mm/week. For a better understanding of our algorithms feel free to contact us.

eLEAF provides satellite based application to various companies

eLEAF provides satellite based applications and data to optimise crop production and water management. Proven by our track record of over 20 years, it doesn’t matter whether you are managing a multinational agro-holding or developing complex water management policies, our state-of-the-art products will provide an extra dimension and support you to optimise your outputs.