Making SENSE of the water value chain in Australia. 



Reliable and easily accessible information for your farm.

FAO WaPOR Database

As part of its ‘Remote Sensing for Water Productivity’ programme, FAO developed and implemented the online WaPOR platform.


Optimizing mill revenue by improving harvest logistics and fertilizer management.


Index Insurance

We are working with local and global partners to provide affordable, reliable and scalable index insurance solutions.

Water Consumption Dashboard Morocco

Today we can read in the news that many regions in the world suffer from water shortage. 

Index Insurance in Uganda

A real business with the potential to serve millions. This project started in October 2021 and is set for two years.

FarmCover ll

Scaling Up Agricultural Insurance in Togo. This project started in October 2021 and is set for two years. 


Land Based Mitigation Technologies Assessment


Unbiased methodology for measuring NPWI water indicators

Our partners

eLEAF provides satellite-based data and services for the agricultural, water management and crop index insurance domains. Our product offering is targeted at the entire agri-business value chain ranging from farmers to food processors as well as non-profit organizations, public institutions and governments.