Empowering Ugandan Farmers: Innovating Insurance for Resilience

From May 8th to May 12th, we had the privilege of visiting Uganda to witness the impactful project, Index Insurance in Uganda, a real business with the potential to serve millions. Our primary goal increases the resilience of Ugandan farmers against weather and climate related shocks, through increased availability of affordable and innovative climate risk insurance products, and through faster upscaling of insurance uptake.

During our time in Uganda, we had productive meetings with our esteemed partners AIC, ARC, and OKO. It was a pleasure to have representatives from ISF join us to observe the project’s progress and outcomes. This provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on our work, discussing its strengths, challenges, and lessons learned. Our aim is to continuously seek better interventions and results, always looking toward the future and enhancing our partnership.

One of the highlights of our visit was the chance to interact with the Kabonera coffee farmers’ cooperative, a part of NUCAFE, in Masaka city, as well as a group of farmers in Kayunga. Observing firsthand how these farmers utilize our products and hearing about their experiences with insurance was truly inspiring. We are proud to know that our insurance coverage against drought and excess rainfall is assisting farmers in developing their resilience against climate change. By providing them with the means to recover their investments in case of crop loss due to extended dry or heavy rainy seasons, they can continue their farming activities while meeting other essential needs, such as housing and education. Additionally, it was heartening to witness the cooperative efforts of these farmers in pursuing better benefits and achieving fairer prices for their products.

Farming is undoubtedly a risky business, yet it remains crucial for society, especially small-scale farming, which contributes significantly to local food supplies. Offering a solution to mitigate losses from such unpredictable weather conditions is a game-changer for small farmers, empowering them to enhance their resilience. We are honored to be a part of this journey and make a positive difference in their lives.