While corporates and farmers around the globe are looking for better risk transfer solutions to manage their exposures, the risk takers on the other side are searching for tools to properly assess complex risks and promptly respond to their clients’ increasing demands.

There are different types of climate risks and different aspects of the same risk that can be assessed using PiMapping data. eLEAF’s climate risk analysis tools can evaluate for any given area the risk of drought, heatwaves, night frost, hail, dry spell, excessive rainfall, and various other climatic parameters.

By applying the appropriate metrics and analysis (e.g. p50, standard deviation, CVar, p95, TVaR, slope) different aspects of each type of risk can be assessed, such as the expected loss, maximum probable loss, the volatility, the long-term trends due to climate change and more.

eLEAF can provide thorough risk analysis solutions to serve clients across the whole agricultural value chain, as well as financial institutions and governments to understand and quantify weather and climate related agricultural risks.