Insurance against the financial impact of significant crop losses is one vital component of overall risk management.

Today, smallholder producers in developing countries have little or no access to such traditional crop insurance, because they are difficult to transfer to remote rural areas and smallholder production systems. There are challenges with data, loss assessment and infrastructure requirements and the administrative capacity within the insurance sector.

Index insurance provides an alternative that addresses many of these issues. It is an innovative approach to insurance that pays benefits based on a predetermined index, that serves as a proxy for loss.

It allows reliable risk analysis for pricing insurance cover, rapid loss assessment without requiring the services of loss assessors and it is a highly scalable product for insurers

Since 2009, eLEAF has been developing products that cover drought related crop yield losses in over 18 different countries, covering maize, beans, wheat, coffee, cotton, sesame, sorghum, pasture, and various other crops. eLEAF can provide satellite-based indices for various types of insurance such as drought, excessive precipitation, biomass, yield, temperature, vegetation indices, or even sunshine.

Graph of the RE Drought index over time
RE over dekad

eLEAF offers ready-to-use insurance products, which can be tailored to client’s needs and crop/location specific characteristics. eLEAF’s operational index insurance solution includes risk assessment and index insurance design as well as growing season monitoring and rapid loss assessment.


Location/zone-tailored settings
Single or multi-phased approach
Flexible pricing
Franchise for avoiding small pay-outs
Statistical analysis for strike/exit
Identification of Start of the Season
Option for Failed Start pay-out
Risk Rate: Average or Weighted Moving Average method
TVaR calculation
Parameter calibration using historic data