As we start this new year, let’s reflect on the important mission we have at eLEAF: to create a more sustainable planet. The challenges of global warming, including water shortages, droughts, floods, crop failures, and irreversible damage to biodiversity and natural areas, are becoming increasingly pressing. With a projected global population of 10 billion people by 2050, over 50% of whom will live in water-stressed regions, it’s clear that we need to make significant changes to our food and water management systems.

At eLEAF, we believe that satellite imagery can provide the objective and actionable data that is needed to make informed decisions in the domains of agriculture, water resources, and risk management. Our vision is to make reliable, objective, and accessible data globally available to farmers, companies, and governments, to support a climate-resilient planet.

Our mission is to create real-time, globally available datasets at the highest quality to power solutions that are easy to use, affordable and relevant to make sustainable crop production, a fair allocation of water and a climate-resilient agricultural sector possible.
To achieve our mission, we’re committed to collaborating with local partners, clients, and end-users in the field. By combining their needs and practical insights with our transparent, scientifically sound methods, we’re able to develop open-source algorithms and services that are relevant to the communities we serve. Our strategy is to create global solutions through local collaboration.

Here’s to a great year ahead, let’s work together to make a sustainable future a reality.