Principles and Values


eLEAF B.V. is a Netherlands-based high-tech company that provides reliable, quantitative data on water and vegetation on any land surface to support sustainable water use, increase food production, and protect environmental systems. As part of its International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) policy, eLEAF strives to incorporate broader elements related to social responsibility, including human rights, welfare, ethics, and the environment.

Data Policies:

eLEAF ensures timely and accurate information disclosure on all relevant material matters regarding their activities, structure, financial situation, performance, ownership, and governance. eLEAF complies with tax laws and regulations in the Netherlands and avoids minimizing tax payments through loopholes or omissions in local law.

Benefit to Society:

eLEAF’s mission is to be the global reference in supplying reliable data on water and vegetation on any land surface to support sustainable water use, increase food production, and protect environmental systems. eLEAF strives to contribute to the improvement of food security, income, and welfare, especially in economically less developed parts of the world. 


eLEAF strives to offer an exciting, challenging, stable, and enjoyable job to its employees. The selection of new employees is based on the extent to which a stable fulfillment of the function can be expected and the degree they meet the job profile. No distinction is made in respect of sex, race, religion or belief. eLEAF follows all prevailing labour relations and employment practices and applicable international labour standards. eLEAF staff is free to join labour unions and can bargain collectively with management.

Customer interests

eLEAF endeavors to ensure that its activities are compatible with the science and technology (S&T) policies and plans of the countries in which they operate and as appropriate contribute to the development of local and national innovative capacity. eLEAF carries out its activities in a manner consistent with all applicable competition laws and regulations, taking into account the competition laws of all jurisdictions in which the activities may have anti-competitive effects. eLEAF refrains from entering into or carrying out anti-competitive agreements among competitors.

Quality Assurance:

eLEAF takes all reasonable steps to ensure the quality and reliability of the goods and services provided. Our activities include a permanent cyclic process of research, development, validation and software improvement for this purpose

Environment and Climate:

eLEAF is committed to dealing efficiently with paper and ink by recycling used paper. Additionally, eLEAF strives to reduce energy and water usage and ensure that its systems and services do not harm the environment. The company continuously keeps an eye on environmental best practices and strives to implement these in its daily operations.