The first week of July (2022) our colleague Joost van der Woerd went to Kampala, Uganda. He attented the half-yearly project meeting with the partners Agro Consortium, OKO, Agriculture Reinsurance Consultants to align on progress in scaling up the index insurance services.

Exploring how to best serve the Ugandan market with reliable and robust satellite-based index insurance products to protect farmers against the impact of adverse weather events.

One particular improvement is now made to provide the index products at Parish level instead of Sub-county level, effectively improving the spatial accuracy of the index results for individual farmers.

The project is supported by the #ISF Insuresilience Solutions Fund to provide climate risk protection to small-scale farmers in Uganda. In 2021 alone, we insured about 289,000 Ugandan farmers.

For this year they are working hard to further improve the existing index products and develop new ones in order to be able to insure more farmers better!

Agro Consortium Uganda