End users of eLEAF products are immensely diverse. They are cross-sector and have varying goals. In the crop monitoring sector only, users range from the farm manager in the field dealing with the daily practices of optimising crop production, to the CEO of a multinational agri-business aiming to get insight into revenue streams across continents. To be able to provide all these different client segments with a relevant product, we prefer to work with Value Adding Partners (VAPs).

VAPs can provide a wide range of services. Some combine eLEAF data components and locally sourced data into valuable information products and integrate this in a mobile application or web based portal. Others add knowledge to eLEAF data to improve advice to their clients, such as agricultural advisors. Our VAPs are eLEAF’s gateway to the end user. They add invaluable local knowledge that is crucial to delivering successful products.


eEvolution is a South African company who partnered with eLEAF to deliver commercial new generation data into the agricultural sector in key global markets. eEvolution developed CROPSCAN, a leading ICT application driven by Big Data in agriculture. CROPSCAN provides unmatched data quality, analytics and reporting functions. CROPSCAN 250m provides weekly data on all listed arable fields from planting to maturity for the summer grain production area in South Africa. It is a wide area GIS data platform through which a range of parties in the agricultural value chain can measure and manage their exposure to production risk and weather induced variability.


eLEAF cooperated closely with HydroLogic to develop the Water Auditing application, which is available via HydroLogic web based HydroNET platform. HydroLogic is a new generation water management company from the Netherlands that works internationally with a focus on Australia, South Africa and Germany. HydroLogic provides intelligent ICT solutions for operational and strategic water management to tackle current water problems resulting from climate change and urbanisation. It is HydroLogic mission is to empower water managers with smart solutions providing reliable data, simulation models, user-friendly software and in-depth water knowledge. HydroLogic developed HydroNET, a multi-award winning web based decision support system that transforms weather and water data into sophisticated applications.