eLEAF’s irrigation planner helps farmers to irrigate at the right volume, at the right time and at the right location. Our satellite based PiMapping® technology determines the extent of crop water need in real-time and automatically notifies you when irrigation is necessary to avoid crop damage. Taking the weather forecast and the actual irrigated volumes applied into account, irrigation advice is provided for the coming 5 days. No soil moisture probes needed. eLEAF’s irrigation planner will support you to optimise your production per unit of water used. Maintain yield but save water, save energy and save money.

"The first season I used eLEAF’s irrigation planner, I harvested 12 sacks of wheat per acre worth 80,000 Sudanese pounds (over US$13,000) on my 8 acre farm. The previous season I harvested 3 sacks per acre and I made a 8,000 pound loss. If I have the chance I will not go back to cropping without this technology."

Ahmed Ibrahim Wakea Allah, Gezira Irrigation Scheme Farmer


5 day irrigation advice

Phone and email notifications

Field specific irrigation volumes