PiMapping® delivers quantified information on crop growth and water use for every pixel on the earth surface, no indices but real numbers. The core of our output metrics include kilograms of crop produced and litres of water consumed in the process. For every day, week or month. PiMapping® data is scalable and can be delivered per individual field or for an entire continent. The technology combines satellite imagery with meteorological and geographical data to create a range of data components per pixel. Smart pixels, the basis of our products.

By offering quantified data in near real-time, PiMapping® distinguishes itself from competing technologies. Alternative crop monitoring solutions are often based on the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Although fitting for some applications, NDVI merely indicates the general health status of the plant. Only when correlated with agronomical data sets NDVI can represent an absolute value.

The strength of our PiMapping® data is that it is stand-alone. It describes the actual crop conditions in the field today. How did your crop grow last week? Our PiMapping® data tells you in kg/ha. How much water did it use to get there? Our PiMapping® data tells you in mm. No historical data sets or field measurements necessary.

Features NDVI PiMapping®
Shows whether alive vegetation is present
Shows spatial variation within a field
Provides quantified crop production figures in kg/ha
Is a direct measurement of the actual crop production in the field, no need for fieldwork or additional statistics
Provides quantified water consumption in mm/week
Visualises crop water stress in mm/week
Provides absolute values, directly comparable to previous weeks or seasons
Provides absolute values, directly comparable to other regions