Index Insurance

We are working with local and global partners to provide affordable, reliable and scalable index insurance solutions, tailored to the client’s requirements, that protect farmers against the impacts of climate change and adverse weather events, therefore contributing to climate resilience and financial inclusion of the most vulnerable rural populations in developing parts of the world.

Current projects

Since 2016 the government of Uganda has committed themselves to supporting the implementation of agricultural insurance products via the Ugandan Agricultural Insurance Scheme (UAIS), through which a 50% to 80% premium subsidy is available on eLEAF index insurance solutions nationally. Subsidized agricultural insurance products are provided via the Agro Insurance Consortium formed by Uganda’s main insurance companies to implement the UAIS. Under the SUM Africa project, eLEAF has developed (remote sensing based) crop specific drought and excess rainfall index products, which are offered via AIC and monitored seasonally by eLEAF. Approximately 150,000 policyholders were covered by the AIC with subsidy in 2020 alone. 

Training provided by the AIC staff
“With eLEAF’s data, expertise and continuous support we have created trust to insurance among smallholder farmers in Uganda and managed to scale up significantly since 2016” Munyaradzi Daka, Technical Manager, AIC Uganda
Since 2019, Hollard Mozambique has realized impressive scale in the sales of innovative satellite-based drought and excessive precipitation index insurance, with index design and monitoring provided by eLEAF, to smallholder farmers in Mozambique. Hollard Mozambique in partnership with PHOENIX seeds has been offering crop index insurance to smallholder farmers embedded into the purchase of certified seeds at no extra cost for the farmer. With this approach, we ensure that an increasing number of farmers, even in the most remote parts of the country, has access to certified seeds that will be 100% replaced in case the crop is affected by extreme weather events. For the season 2020/2021, more than 30,000 smallholder farmers are covered by Hollard’s index insurance products.
Purchase of insured, certified seeds via PHOENIX

“Notwithstanding the restrictions of movement and business as part of measures to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we experienced in Mozambique  a three-fold growth in the number of smallholder farmers that are protected against extreme climatic conditions through our basic seed cost insurance product which was designed and implemented by eLEAF, our highly reliable index consultant and claims verification agent.” by Israel Muchena, Managing Director – Life & Agricultural Insurance, Hollard Mozambique


eLEAF has been working with AXA in West Africa since 2016. We have developed index insurance products that are underwritten by AXA Climate, AXA Cameroon and AXA Cote d’ Ivoire for farmers in Senegal (cotton), Cameroon (cotton) and Ivory Coast (maize).

eLEAF’s drought index is behind the successful cotton index insurance scheme in Senegal that is provided by the national agricultural insurance company, CNAAS since 2017.


“The eLeaf Meteosat Satellite index and detailed monitoring enables us to offer cover to farmers in countries like Cameroun and Senegal, even in remote regions, where “on the ground” weather data is not easily available. Regine Mollenhauer, Senior UW Parametric at AXA Climate” by Regine Mollenhauer, Senior Underwriter at AXA Climate

eLEAF has partnered with Lorica since 2020 to provide affordable and reliable drought insurance to farmers in Togo. Lorica partners undertook a proof-of-concept pilot (supported by ISF) that, based on an in-depth study of the target group, resulted in a parametric pilot insurance product bundled with a loan, covering input costs of small-scale soy farmers against drought in two regions of Togo. In 2021, eLEAF continues to work together with Lorica and provides drought insurance products for farmers growing soy, maize, cassava and rainfed rice. Our ambition is to scale up index insurance in Togo, increasing farmers’ access to finance and improve their climate resilience.

field activities in Togo organized by LORICA

“Having a partner like eLeaf is simply our best asset. Winning the trust of small farmers means designing a product that is easy to understand and above all that meets their expectations in difficult times. Thanks to eLeaf’s sense of anticipation of our needs and their great professionalism, our promises have been kept to date and agricultural index insurance is now becoming a real source of hope and relief for our valiant farmers in the face of the adverse consequences of climatic hazards.”David AKWEI, Director of Lorica

eLEAF works closely together with OKO to distribute index insurance products to farmers in Africa. Since 2020, OKO has been distributing eLEAF’s maize and coffee index insurance products in Uganda as part of collaborations with two large agro-industries, using innovative mobile tools, and has demonstrated its ability to ensure efficient last-mile delivery of index insurance. In Mali, OKO has integrated eLEAF’s drought index products for cereals and sesame into their operations and distributed them to smallholder farmers across the country.


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