Yield Forecast

PiMapping® delivers quantified information on crop growth and water use for every pixel on the earth surface, no indices but real numbers.

Yield forecast

eLEAF’s yield forecasts determine the expected yield at your planned harvest date. It uses up to date satellite based crop production information and crop specific yield models to provide further information on future outcomes. This can be done per field or for large monocropped areas. eLEAF’s yield projection information helps farmers to estimate income, supports food producers to streamline their logistical planning and provides insight for commodity traders and speculators.

"The first season I used eLEAF’s irrigation planner, I harvested 12 sacks of wheat per acre worth 80,000 Sudanese pounds (over US$13,000) on my 8 acre farm. The previous season I harvested 3 sacks per acre and I made a 8,000 pound loss. If I have the chance I will not go back to cropping without this technology."


In-season forecasts

Field specific

Crop specific

eLEAF provides satellite based application to various companies

eLEAF provides satellite based applications and data to optimise crop production and water management. Proven by our track record of over 20 years, it doesn’t matter whether you are managing a multinational agro-holding or developing complex water management policies, our state-of-the-art products will provide an extra dimension and support you to optimise your outputs.