Water accounting is an open source application that offers insight into water availability, water flows and water use within a basin. Water resources availability is often unknown, with quantitative hydrological studies and qualitative socio-economic surveys on availability often contradictory. Both data sets are valuable but not comparable. This leaves water managers in the middle without standardised information to base their water allocation decisions on.

eLEAF’s water accounting application bridges this gap. We combine the latest water accounting insights with high quality satellite imagery. The result is high quality water resources information that is standardised, comparable and delivered operationally. This supports policymakers to allocate water to multiple sectors and encourages them to think beyond that. What is the contribution of irrigated areas on the total food production in our catchment? How much water can be allocated to other sectors without affecting food security? Water accounting makes water flows comparable, making it manageable.


Makes water flows comparable

Supports scenario setting

Optimised for large basins