Water Consumption Dashboard now available!

eLEAF, together with its partner RESING, visited Moroccan government institutions and international organizations in the water and agriculture sectors from 21 to 25 November.

We presented our Water Consumption Dashboard, which provides continuous information on water consumption from the catchment to the field level.

In 2022, Morocco was one of the most drought-affected countries in the Mediterranean region. With an average dam fill level of only 24 % at the end of November, Morocco faces severe constraints in irrigation and even in the allocation of drinking water. As a result, the groundwater reserves, which are already severely strained, are being overused even more.

Recently, His Majesty King Mohammed VI announced during the opening session of the Parliament “the need to launch more ambitious initiatives and projects, through the use of innovations and new technologies in the field of water saving”.

Together with the River Basin Agency and the Marrakech Irrigation Office, eLEAF and Resing have developed the Water Consumption Dashboard, which enables better planning, monitoring and assessment of water resources and irrigation water management at different levels.

The dashboard can be extended to other regions of Morocco and abroad. The costs are beneficial and much lower than field campaigns.

For more information and a demo, have look at the Water Consumption Dashboard.

Partially funded by Green Growth Department (IGG) Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken and NSO – Netherlands Space Office.

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* The text on the back of the bus: do not waste water. Yes for responsible use!