eLEAF’s yield forecasts determine the expected yield at your planned harvest date. It uses up to date satellite based crop production information and crop specific yield models to provide further information on future outcomes. This can be done per field or for large monocropped areas. eLEAF’s yield projection information helps farmers to estimate income, supports food producers to streamline their logistical planning and provides insight for commodity traders and speculators.

“The advantage of eLEAF data is that it is quantified and comes in several data components. In Russia and Ukraine we use FieldLook to monitor crop production, mainly winter wheat. We have developed an algorithm to provide relevant fertiliser and crop protection advice based on eLEAF data. Additionally, the accuracy and absolute values of the data allows us to provide yield forecasts. Such services would not have been possible with a vegetation index only.”

René Kremers, Difco International


In-season forecasts

Field specific

Crop specific