Development of the Smart Water and Irrigation Management Tool (SWIM)

How to turn ideas into actions to stop irrigation water losses in agriculture?

eLEAF is thrilled to announce its participation along with ITGISWORX, JOATand FES in the development of the Smart Water and Irrigation Management Tool (SWIM). This project was originated from global ideas from around the world to respond to the challenge raised by ABSugar and Illovo Group on ways to reduce water losses from irrigation. Currently, around 82% of land cultivated by Illovo Sugar Africa is irrigated, thus reducing water losses is a key priority.

eLEAF will contribute to this challenge with its state of the art satellite-based evapotranspiration data. Daily crop evapotranspiration will be delivered into a predefined platform as the key component for water balance modelling, irrigation scheduling and in-field variability, among others. The tool is being launched in Malawi to test SWIM and assess how it might dovetail with other innovations. 

To learn more about SWIM check the following link:

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