eLEAF’s mission is to be the global reference for operational and reliable high quality data and solutions on crop growth and water use, to increase food production, support sustainable water management and protect environmental systems worldwide.


The world is facing real challenges on water and food security in the foreseeable future. By 2050, the global population will have increased to roughly 9.5 billion and over 50% of these people will live in water stressed regions. The climate is also changing, leading to insecurities about water availability. To sustain the growing population we will need to produce more food with less water resources. This calls for a drastic improvement of the current performance of food production systems.

Based on satellite data we provide insight into crop production levels, the associated water use and water resources availability.

Our data can optimise food production and crop water use efficiency, identify food security threats and safeguard fair allocation of available water resources. This is where eLEAF makes a difference.